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Mom would have certainly “Janice Carol!”-ed me for such flagrant use of the c-word (especially in a headline) but it was all I could think as I was climbing the last and endless hill this morning on my inaugural 20-mile training ride for the MS 150 Ride. (For you Cincinnatians, that hill was Beechmont from the Levy into Mt. Washington. Was I out of line?)

I’ve signed on as a member of the US Playing Card Team Bicycle for the MS 150 Ride, thanks to peer pressure from my friend Lou Fetch. We’re going to cover 150 miles over two days; a bit of a stretch for me, as someone who had to hose the cobwebs off her mountain bike and dump a mouse nest out of her helmet.

There was a lot that went into my decision and it’s what I’m going to prattle on about here over the next couple of months. So in terms of this blog, I’m pushing my family aside for now and making it all about me. (Three teenagers on a mission to have as little communication with me as possible makes it fairly easy.)

I launched this blog almost a year ago with great personal fanfare and expectations; similar to the first Monday of every diet I’ve started over the years. Like those diets, I’ve been easily diverted.

Unfortunately the blog’s become the neglected red-headed step-child in my life, as evidenced by the quarterly posts. (All red heads and step children please accept my apologies if I’ve offended you. I’m speaking only in Cinderella/Disney terms.)

Unlike evil stepmothers, I’ve felt badly about the neglect and I’d like to make amends. Riding and writing for my long-time friend Beth Reynolds Haueter, who’s living with multiple sclerosis, seems to be the ticket to getting me in gear. My mantra over hill and dale the next few weeks:

I pedal because I can.

I hope you’ll join me as I grunt out the training in preparation for the August 27-28 event. And sometime along the way, stop by my MS Ride page. There’s a slew of  folks — let’s just say thousands  – who would love for you to  leave your mark.

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5 Responses to “Holy Crap!”

  1. Jerry Nerl says:

    I know you will be able to do it. You might ride the Five Mile Trail. Lot’s of hills, not as dangerous.

  2. Leah Norton says:

    Great writing & riding, Janice! You can do it! What a great goal and cause!!!

  3. Janice Crago says:

    Oh I know that trail, Jerry. The Turpin hill is definitely Holy Crap-worthy!

  4. Janice Crago says:

    Don’t you think biking/training in July-August is much more enticing than running/training in January-February? Great to hear from you!

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