Doing Laundry — Part One

or, What’s That Got to do With the Price of Eggs?

So. Laundry.

It’s not as random as it sounds. Or as obvious. Hang with me and I’ll explain what could possibly possess me to voluntarily include more laundry in my life.

The idea of blogging has been pecking at me for awhile. I’ve swatted at it, ignored it and like writers quite often do, found good reasons to avoid falling into that dangerous trap of actually writing. My avoidance issues:

  • I really don’t feel pulled to blog about topics that are related to what I do to help pay the costs for the care and feeding of a family of five — business writing and communications.
  • It’s a silly idea because I certainly can’t have anything of any interest to say to anyone, and I will certainly fail…whatever that means.

Let me interject a little justification.

As to the first point, I love my work. It combines two of my favorite things: building relationships and writing. I get to know my clients, their product or service, and their audience, then use words to marry them all into one happy, profitable family. Based on my clients’ response, I seem to have the hang of it.

But my creative side was getting all whiny, wanting to go out to play and take a break from the business of business-to-business. However, according to experts, if I had any hope of building business relationships and my business, my blogging efforts and content needed to share my knowledge and expertise. It’s standard operating procedure in today’s techno world. Especially for a writer.

Which leads to my second point. The real brick wall, if I’m going to get all Oprah-honest. Contrary to what some of my college friends might tell you, I’m typically a pretty good little rule follower and tend to give experts and their conventional wisdom a pretty wide berth, especially when it protects me from stepping out of my comfort zone. Safety first, you know.

I’m standing in the doorway of turning 50 with my finger on the bell, and I’ve faced what is for me, a sad truth. I’ve become a sissy, specifically when it comes to trying new things. . .things that might be a stupid waste of time. . . that might be really hard. . . that might not work out. Like a blog, for example.

Living life in the safe lane can be exhausting.

I’m tired of being tired and I’ve decided that being a sissy is for, well, sissies. And quite honestly, time’s a-wastin’. I feel pretty confident that I’m more than half-way through this gig so I’m jumping through the doorway of 50, launching this blog to put some oomph behind my new mantra:

What the hell!”

Rather than let this milestone birthday give me another reason to ratchet up the security, I’ve decided to hitch a ride as it barrels by and do what I can to make it a ride down A1A on one of Florida’s best days. We all have a different take on throwing caution to the wind; right now for me, blogging fits the bill.

It’s here I’ll shamelessly milk my life as a wife, mother, driver, not-so-great cook, lifelong Chub Club member, Kroger socializer, bossy neighbor and if there’s good stuff, maybe even writer; a life rich with a never-ending supply of great material. Like my mother used to say, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

You’ll get my take on the good, the bad and the ugly of my wonderful slice of life’s pageantry. I’ll take my writing out to play, getting it out of work clothes and tooling down A1A. And with it no doubt, hand my teens yet another source of embarrassment, right up there with talking to their friends and the way running carpool makes me believe I’m a surprisingly good singer.

Believe me, my ramblings won’t be life-changing. It’s a blog. But I’m selfishly hoping it helps keep my mind and attitude on A1A. And when you’re looking for a little of the same, I hope you’ll stop by.

24 Responses to “Doing Laundry — Part One”

  1. JD says:

    I love this metaphor!

  2. Busy says:

    OMG Janice!!

    What a wonderful way to start a blog!!! Can I ride on your coat tails, and while you are making your way down A1A stop by and pick me up.

    I can hear you say, “Times a wastin’ Patton!!!” I miss Meg and I miss you and Julie.

    Love you

  3. Janice Crago says:

    By hook by crook you’re the first to sign my uh, blog!
    Would love nothing more than to stop by and load up The Rig with all you Pattons! I’m glad FB lets me keep up with all of you.
    You know Margaret’s woven into who I am; lucky me! Lots of love to all of you!

  4. PD says:

    Turning 50 and channeling Erma Bombeck or is it Andy Rooney? Keep it up, you’re bookmarked in Safari.

  5. Janice Crago says:

    I don’t have the eyebrows for Andy. . .well, most days, anyway

  6. Amy says:

    I love this – you are a fantabulous writer!!! Can I steal your mantra for 45? sissyhood sneaks up faster than one realizes….love to you, amy

  7. Jerry Nerl says:

    Great article, love your approach on life and wittisms.

  8. Jerry Nerl says:

    Good article. Looking forward to following.

  9. Nancy Chinworth says:

    Janice, this is great! I for one am going to absolutely love your blog! So many of your hilarious phrases run through my mind daily, and have become part of my vocabulary. I enjoy your comments on facebook so much, and now there will be an unending source for them. You were born to be a Writer AND a Speaker, (they go together you know). So while you’re throwing caution to the wind, think big! There are tons more people out there who need you. I’m so happy that the circle of fortunate ones who have enjoyed you for years is about to expand. I consider myself blessed to have been able to delight in your sense of humor for 30 plus years, but it’s time more people get to join in on the fun. I love you.

  10. Janie says:

    Oh hooray! You have a birthday and you give US a present …. this blog! I commit to being a faithful reader if you commit to being a faithful writer … you’re one of my favs, you know!?!

    Happy writing & musing!

  11. Becky Honeywell says:


    I love your blog already. It’s so… You’re my hero. My husband’s been nagging at me to start one for months – about homeless animals.

    Thanks to you…I just might do it.

    Happy, happy birthday, my friend. You really are an inspiration.


  12. Nora says:

    Me too! Just recently I’ve decided that I’m SUCH a wuss for not taking more chances. So what if I fail ? Big deal, sometimes I fail anyway so screw it!

    Let me know when you’re heading down A1A & I’ll scoot across I4 & meet you & Busy in Daytona!

    Facebook is rather cool, I’m happy to have found so many friends I feared I’d never see or hear from again!

    Happy 50, me too of course, let’s just keep going, quit being too well-behaved for our own good, & see what happens.


  13. Missy says:

    “J” love your blog! You have inspired me to sort through my own “laundry”. I can’t wait to read more!

  14. Janice Crago says:

    That’s the thing about hanging it all out on the line; it’s so, so out on the line. So yes, I think I’ve officially committed to falling into that dangerous trap of actually writing. Thanks for coming by friend!

  15. Janice Crago says:

    If I can do it, you can do it. Remember, you were my supervisor once. Whatever you do, make sure he thinks it’s because of him.

  16. Janice Crago says:

    Would LOVE to have you! I’m picking up the Pattons in Jacksonville too. I think we’re gonna need a bigger convertible!

  17. Janice Crago says:

    We’ll sort together; the Team Laundry approach is way more fun.

  18. Janice Crago says:

    You know as well as I do Jerry, we’re surrounded by great material! So happy you came by!

  19. Janice Crago says:

    This is why you hang w/people older than you. Yes, please feel free to steal freely and often.

  20. Janice Crago says:

    Are you standing in for my mom?
    You’ve shown me there’s nothing better than laughing with friends. Thanks Nance!

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  22. MB says:

    Hey, way to go Mrs. Writer you….enjoyed my first endeavor into your blogging world. You have many hidden talents and some not so hidden! Seems to me you are pretty great at all you do! Keep up your hard work and I appreciate all the words of encouragement that seem to give us those little shoves we need along the way!!

  23. Jane says:

    You’re doing it! I’m thrilled. I KNEW it, I KNEW it.
    Thanks for the encouragement! Well done! Keep it comin’!

  24. Janice Crago says:

    Talk about encouragement! Any wanne-be writer should be so lucky to have a Jane Ann in her corner!

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