I always wanted to be a teacher.

Then came Kiddie Math my first quarter at Ball State University.

It hit me that I really didn’t give a hoot about cardinal numbers and couldn’t imagine wanting to inspire young children to either, so my teaching career was over before it started.

Since I liked people, public relations seemed like the right career for me (a decision based purely on the assumption that working in public relations meant I’d be spending my day, you know, relating to people). Lucky for me it meant a degree in Journalism, which meant lots of writing, the real thing I seemed to have a knack and love for.

After graduation I put my degree to work over the next 10 years doing marketing communications in government, insurance, healthcare and advertising agencies. With that experience under my belt, I ventured out on my own and for over 15 years, I’ve been working as a freelance business writer, helping clients in a wide variety of industries – healthcare, technology, hospitality, and retail, to name a few – sell their products, promote their services and strengthen their brands.